To Travel

to travel

One reason I wanted to start this blog is for all those other drifters out there.  You know who you are.  You’ve always felt that inexplicable need to travel … to speak with gurus in small huts on looming mountainsides, to feign time-travel amongst the pillars of an ancient ruin, to taste some fresh local ingredient from the stall of a bustling marketplace, or to just sip coffee in a quaint café at the end of a narrow, cobblestone street … for all those of you who have dreamed of those adventures, but have absolutely no idea how to make them into reality.  Those who were thrust out of college into this chaotic world of taxes, car leases and mortgages and you’re just not ready (and you may NEVER be ready).  And now you’re stuck, right? Wrong. You’re only stuck if you let yourself be stuck, and I’m living proof.  I could never be satisfied working any old job and waiting patiently for my annual vacationI don’t want vacations, I want adventures.  I don’t want trips, I want journeys.  And I don’t want to work in order to travel, I want travel to be my work.  I know I know: that’s all easier said than done.  But, I promise, no matter how trapped you feel, there’s a way to make your travel happen.  The most important thing is to make travel a priority.

As adults, we all have responsibilities and, guess what? We always will.  Quitting your stable job and storing away your possessions may seem impractical, but don’t confuse that for impossible.  Don’t use your responsibilities as an excuse to delay or forgo traveling.  You can wait and save money and plan and dream, but there is never going to be a right moment to go, you have to make the right moment.  So, what’s wrong with now? I’m not saying you’re going to hop on a plane tomorrow, but you can make some choices.  Choose a time and do what you need to in order to prepare for your journey.  Loans can be deferred, possessions can be sold or stored, and apartments can be sublet.  The point is, the only thing that’s stopping you from traveling is your own fear.  You have to be brave enough to turn that anxiety into excitement!  And, quite frankly, if you’re not a little bit scared as you’re going through life, I don’t think you’re doing it right! 😉