To Live

to live

So, I’m trying to navigate this crazy thing called life and I don’t have a whole lot of direction.  For most of my young life all the way through college, all I cared about was becoming an actress.  I know, I’m a cliché, deal with it.  I still love acting and I miss it all the time, but I put those dreams on hold to pursue an even greater passion: travel.  You see, I often felt what I was missing on stage was experience.  I wanted to know the world, to have adventures, to acquaint myself with exotic strangers so that, in turn, I could put my understanding of the world into my work.  After all, acting is an imitation of life, meant to help reveal the deep complexities of the human experience, and how could I expect to be a great actress without first obtaining a deep understanding of life? So off I went, to travel the world, and I’m still going.
One day, when I’m back on land living in one city for more than a few months at a time, I hope to return to my passion for the stage, but for now, I’m still just trying to make the most of my life.  And how, you may ask, am I doing that? Well, living life to the fullest is quite a strenuous goal that requires a certain amount of balance.  No matter where I am or what I am doing I try to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, ensuring some source of income, making time for friends and family, seeking new skillsets and knowledge, and exploring my spirit through creative mediums like writing, painting, or making music (even if I’m not very good at it).  As long as I can incorporate these ideas into my every-day life, I am able to alleviate stress and maintain some sense of happiness.