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Exercise??!! But I’m TRAVELING!!

With the beautiful Spring weather FINALLY making an appearance, it’s time to begin the daily work-out routine that I promised myself all winter would happen as soon as the weather was nice enough.

I thought the warm breeze and vibrant flower blossoms would be enough incentive to get my butt off the couch, but I gotta tell ya, it’s a struggle.

This is the same issue I often run into when I’m traveling. Every time I globe-trot, I pack my running shoes and my cute spandex and tell myself how amazing it will be to go for morning runs past gorgeous landscapes and through quaint towns and exotic cities. Especially when I am going to be away for weeks at a time, I remind myself that its important to make time to work-out in addition to sight seeing, lounging, and gorging on ethnic cuisine. But, inevitably, I get caught up in those latter activities and often my running shoes lay untouched at the bottom of my suitcase for the duration of my trip. So the question remains: how do you force yourself to exercise while traveling when there are so many lovely excuses available to talk yourself out of it??

Here are a few tricks that help me find that motivation:

1. Pack the gear: Kind of a no-brainer but if you don’t pack your workout clothes and proper footwear, you probably won’t be doing much exercise so you’re just setting yourself up for failure. You can even invest in some nice new gear (it’ll motivate you because you spent money AND you’ll know you’re lookin good!) Plus, packing the gear takes up valuable luggage space so while you are away just remind yourself that you sacrificed a cute outfit or some extra toiletries for the sake of your workouts!

2. Groupon gym trials: In the fall, I spent a month in England with my boyfriend and we found a great groupon that allowed us to pay $20 for 10 gym sessions at the local LA Fitness. We had access to the weight room, fitness center, pool, ball courts, and even classes! This allowed us to get some great workouts in throughout the month for a great value. Also, paying out for something can be great motivation because you don’t want to waste your money!

3. Disguise your workout in fun activities: Just like when you are at home, a great way to get your workout in while traveling is to seek out physical activity! Dancing, hiking, biking, climbing, swimming, sports … the possibilities are endless!

4. Sightseeing: If you’re traveling, you’re going to be sightseeing anyway so why not use it as opportunity for exercise? Go for an early morning walk, run, or bike ride through the city or along the beach – the beautiful landscapes give you something to focus on during your cardio PLUS its a great way to tour your surroundings, learn your way around, and check out some spots you may want to explore further during your trip. If you’re using your phone to listen to music, chances are you even have your camera with you and you never know when you’ll stumble upon a great photo! Apps like Nike Running allow you to take photos and even map your run:

Nike Running App

Nike Running App

5. Look for fun-runs: Lately, I’ve been looking into “fun runs” … lots of cities offer 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathons (especially during the summer months) and often they have fun themes like mud runs, paint runs, night runs, or obstacle courses! Afterwards, there are usually big parties with food and drink which can be a great way to mingle with the locals. You can even walk instead of run and it still makes for a great workout! Check out CNNs list of the coolest fun runs around the world:

So, the point is that just because you are traveling doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with your workout regiments. In fact, it can be a great way to acclimate yourself to your new surroundings and try some new things! Plus, exercise helps to increase energy, burns off the calories from all that exotic food you’ll be trying, and even helps you sleep better so you’ll be well rested and ready to make the most of your time abroad!

DO IT!!!