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Practice Your Travel

I spent all summer working in the beautiful Mediterranean on a cruise ship and then a few weeks ago I fractured my wrist and got sent home on medical leave. Ugh!  Watching day-time TV and cooking lavish dinners was great for a few days, but I soon grew extremely antsy and couldn’t wait to get back out there!  I reflected on another time in my life when I was struck bad by the travel bug, after my first big travel adventure at the age of 19.  Once the trip ended, it was a few years before I landed my job working on cruise ships and started traveling again.  I was busy finishing school and pursuing my dreams for the stage, but I felt a constant, biting ache to see more of the world.  Finally, though, I realized that that just because I couldn’t hop on a plane the next day, didn’t mean that I couldn’t start preparing myself for my next adventure! Believe it or not, there are practices you can incorporate into your everyday life that will help to prepare you for your travel, when the time arrives!  Here are just a few rituals I try to incorporate into my daily life to keep me travel-ready: Read the rest of this entry