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The World’s Newest Cruise Ship

A few weeks back, while visiting New York City, my boyfriend and I had a chance to stop by our old stomping grounds: The Port of Cape Liberty.  It’s the home port of the first cruise ship we both worked on, where we met, three years ago.  Now, it’s the home port of the newest cruise ship in the world and, since several of our friends are currently working on it, we had the opportunity to sign on board for the day to check out this new marvel! (Perks of the ol’ job!)

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All Aboard But Me! (A tribute to my years working on Cruise Ships!)

Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I watched our home disappear. That is, we sat on the docks of Southampton, England and watched as the ship on which we had lived and worked for the past 8 months sailed away into the distance. This had been the 3rd ship I’d called a home and my boyfriend’s 5th – but for both of us, it would also be the last. That’s the plan, anyway. It’s been a brilliant experience, working at sea, but at some point you have to decide whether it’s going to be a permanent career or not, and if it isn’t, you must resolve yourself to break free and acclimate back to land-life. On the latter side of our mid-twenties, my boyfriend and I both feel that it’s time to retire our sea-legs and get back to “reality”.

cruise ship

First look at my first ship! Such a scary day!

cruise ship

My second ship – ah the good life!

cruise ship

My third ship!

In honor of the end of our sea-days, I wanted to write a post about working on cruise ships. I’m going to answer some of my FAQs for your reading pleasure: Read the rest of this entry