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The World’s Newest Cruise Ship

A few weeks back, while visiting New York City, my boyfriend and I had a chance to stop by our old stomping grounds: The Port of Cape Liberty.  It’s the home port of the first cruise ship we both worked on, where we met, three years ago.  Now, it’s the home port of the newest cruise ship in the world and, since several of our friends are currently working on it, we had the opportunity to sign on board for the day to check out this new marvel! (Perks of the ol’ job!)

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It’s Christmastime in the City!

After spending a month in jolly ol’ England, I found the best souvenir to bring home with me: MY BOYFRIEND! So, we booked him a ticket on my return flight and started planning an amazing visit including a traditional American Thanksgiving, visiting our friends who are currently working on the NEWEST cruise ship in the world, and best of all, a few days in one of our favorite cities: New York, New York!

I’ve been to NYC dozens of times and each time truly is a new and unique experience depending on where you stay, what you do, and the time of year.  My boyfriend and I are pretty spontaneous when we travel and like to make discoveries on our own (true explorers!).  Last time we were in the city, we stayed in Brooklyn.  It was Spring, so the weather allowed us to really do some exploring and our trip included a picnic in Central Park, a visit to Ground 0, a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, a journey to the top of the Rockefeller Center, and a stroll down the celebrated Highline (an old elevated train track converted into a garden/walk path that runs from downtown to midtown).  With so much success last time, we couldn’t wait to see what the city had in store for us this time around!  Here’s how you do NY around the holidays on a limited budget:

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Let’s Celebrate, England!

Back in September, I was rather unceremoniously chucked off of the cruise ship I had been working on due to a fractured wrist.  A month later, I jetted off back to England to go cruising for a couple of weeks because I wanted to have the chance to actually say goodbye to my friends (I had to leave so quickly I barely had the chance!).  Also, my boyfriend was still working on-board so I wanted more time with him.  After two cruises, my boyfriend’s contract came to an end and I signed off with him in Southampton and then decided to stay a few weeks in Sunny England (my boyfriend is British so it was easy enough to just stay with him).

While the main purpose of the journey was to spend some quality time with my man, I of course took the opportunity to do some exploring! I’ve visited GB a few times now: a couple weeks in touristy London, a few days in historic Bath, a weekend in vibrant Liverpool, a brief visit to the shores of Brighton Beach and the quaint cottages of Brighton town, and of course dozens of turn-around days in the port town of Southampton … so where to next?

Well, my boyfriend lives in Essex (a bustling suburb of London) … I’ve also got some friends who now live in the coastal town of Great Yarmouth … and of course being so close to London, a few more visits were necessary.  Here are the highlights: Read the rest of this entry

All Aboard But Me! (A tribute to my years working on Cruise Ships!)

Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I watched our home disappear. That is, we sat on the docks of Southampton, England and watched as the ship on which we had lived and worked for the past 8 months sailed away into the distance. This had been the 3rd ship I’d called a home and my boyfriend’s 5th – but for both of us, it would also be the last. That’s the plan, anyway. It’s been a brilliant experience, working at sea, but at some point you have to decide whether it’s going to be a permanent career or not, and if it isn’t, you must resolve yourself to break free and acclimate back to land-life. On the latter side of our mid-twenties, my boyfriend and I both feel that it’s time to retire our sea-legs and get back to “reality”.

cruise ship

First look at my first ship! Such a scary day!

cruise ship

My second ship – ah the good life!

cruise ship

My third ship!

In honor of the end of our sea-days, I wanted to write a post about working on cruise ships. I’m going to answer some of my FAQs for your reading pleasure: Read the rest of this entry

A Jamaican Memory

Working on cruise ships has taken me all over the Caribbean – spending lazy week-day afternoons on post-card-perfect beaches beside swaying palms and vibrant blue seas. Pretty lucky, ey? I think so too. So today I wanted to share a journal entry I wrote several months ago while sitting in the dockyard in Falmouth, Jamaica. Here goes:

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Practice Your Travel

I spent all summer working in the beautiful Mediterranean on a cruise ship and then a few weeks ago I fractured my wrist and got sent home on medical leave. Ugh!  Watching day-time TV and cooking lavish dinners was great for a few days, but I soon grew extremely antsy and couldn’t wait to get back out there!  I reflected on another time in my life when I was struck bad by the travel bug, after my first big travel adventure at the age of 19.  Once the trip ended, it was a few years before I landed my job working on cruise ships and started traveling again.  I was busy finishing school and pursuing my dreams for the stage, but I felt a constant, biting ache to see more of the world.  Finally, though, I realized that that just because I couldn’t hop on a plane the next day, didn’t mean that I couldn’t start preparing myself for my next adventure! Believe it or not, there are practices you can incorporate into your everyday life that will help to prepare you for your travel, when the time arrives!  Here are just a few rituals I try to incorporate into my daily life to keep me travel-ready: Read the rest of this entry


Well, here we are.  My first blog!  I’ve been traveling the world for a few years now and have finally decided to organize my thoughts and document my journeys … or maybe I’m just looking for a way to be productive while I’m currently signed-off from work on medical leave due to a fractured wrist….either way, I like it!

Anyway, my goal for this blog is to practice writing and documenting and also to reach out to other Twenty-Somethings who find themselves in my position.  “What position is that”, you may ask. Well, you see, most people in their mid-twenties can be grouped into one of three categories:

  1. Focused on starting a family
  2. Focused on an exciting career
  3. Not focused at all, not quite sure when everyone suddenly became “adults” and freaking out slightly about whether or not life will “come together” before dreaded age 30 (slash secretly happy that still do not have major responsibilities or commitments…)

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a category 3 all the way.  Fortunately, I know that I am not alone! In fact, there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of 3’s out there in the world, and I know it because I’ve met them through my travels. I think traveling really appeals to us 3’s, in fact, because we find ourselves without the burden (I mean responsibility) of family or career that would tie us to one location. So, for all you 3’s out there (or even any of you 1’s or 2’s who may have stumbled upon this post), hello! And welcome! I hope that my ramblings can help you to realize that you are not alone and that world-travel is not just the cliché dream of a dewy-eyed undergraduate, but a real and perfectly attainable goal. And not just a goal, actually, but a lifestyle! So please, read on, be inspired, send inspiration, and enjoy! Yay!