Going the Distance to End Long Distance

Apologies for the long break since my last post. A lot has happened and a lot has changed! This blog is dedicated to travel, love, and work and, since I’ve last written, my life has shifted in all three of these respects. I now resume my blogging endeavor and hope to continue speculating and advising upon these subjects in as entertaining a manner as I can manage!

I left my job working abroad on luxury cruise liners (er, rather, I was unceremoniously chucked off of my last ship when I broke my wrist and decided not to return).  This wasn’t an easy decision, but I knew I didn’t want to work on cruise ships forever and it seemed as good a time as any to get out of the business and pursue new adventures and new challenges. This did, however, bring about a few pressing dilemmas:

  1. How would I continue to travel?
  2. How would my boyfriend and I continue our relationship? (He’s from the UK and I’m from the US and we’ve all but given up on the hope of working in one another’s countries due to the surprisingly complex task of obtaining work visas).
  3. What would I do for work next?

I found myself at a rather complex crossroads, not even sure which situation I should try to resolve first! Fortunately, the path became clear and the route I have chosen has brought about a fine solution to all three issues.  I decided to go back to school to obtain a Masters degree in Cinematography (a long time passion of mine that has gone wholly unexplored due to my own pathetic excuses, but which I am now ready and excited to pursue!).

Having made this decision, it occurred to me that being a student would be a perfect opportunity to continue traveling and to be with my boyfriend, so I began applying for graduate school in London, England (where my boyfriend lives). Two birds, one stone!

After nine months of applications, essays, and interviews followed by a arduous trek through a jungle of paperwork, appointments, and political bullshit – I finally found myself flying into Heathrow Airport: acceptance letter, loan approval, and shiny new visa in hand!

And here I am. Officially an ex-pat. Starting classes tomorrow for what I’m sure will be a challenging and exciting year of creating films, meeting new friends, and growing in my relationship with my devoted boyfriend in the heart of this beautiful, thriving, cosmopolitan metropolis known as London.

It’s been a long year getting to this point, and standing on the precipice of this next chapter, I’m shaking with nervous anticipation … but, someone once told me that it’s better to be excited than scared. So excited is the word I am using to describe my present state of mind, and it’s sinking in!

I hope that this year will bring about unexpected adventures, intriguing characters, and beautiful imagery to fill the pages of this next chapter of my life … and, in turn, I hope I can translate those stories into informative and engaging posts for this blog spot!  For now, I’ll just say this: never let your life get boring. Once you feel settled and comfortable, change something! You don’t have to quit your job or move to a new country, but find something to change. You can’t grow without change and if you aren’t growing, you aren’t living.



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