The World’s Newest Cruise Ship

A few weeks back, while visiting New York City, my boyfriend and I had a chance to stop by our old stomping grounds: The Port of Cape Liberty.  It’s the home port of the first cruise ship we both worked on, where we met, three years ago.  Now, it’s the home port of the newest cruise ship in the world and, since several of our friends are currently working on it, we had the opportunity to sign on board for the day to check out this new marvel! (Perks of the ol’ job!)

All I can say is, the Quantum of the Seas is absolutely spectacular! It’s got over twenty specialty restaurants, a full-scale musical production in the theater (Mama Mia), an outdoor pool plus two indoor pools, a massive lounge at the back of the ship with high-tech aerial shows, a bionic bar (where robot arms make your cocktails for you!), a massive viewing tower that lifts you out over the ocean (called North Star), a huge sports complex with XBox Pods, ping pong, Rollerblading and even BUMPER CARS!  The big talk, though, is all about Ripcord by iFly – a simulated skydiving experience right on the ship!!  Since our friend is the Sports Supervisor, we even got a special ride!!

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words (and a video must be worth millions!) so here are a gazillion words for you to sum things up!!:

Quantum of the Seas

Top Deck with a view of North Star!

Quantum of the Seas

Quantum of the Seas 270 Venue with spectacular evening shows!

Quantum of the Seas

Some stairwell decor.

Quantum of the Seas

Bionic Bar – type in your drink and watch the robots make it for you!

Quantum of the Seas

Main interior with shops and restaurants.

Quantum of the Seas

The Music Hall with tons of live bands, theme parties, and late night events!

A special thanks to our friends onboard for the tour and the hospitality!!! Bye for now!


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